Friday, January 15, 2016

Proposals: Two new middle schools come in $6 million under budget

Proposals to build two Knox County middle schools are more than $6 million under the proposed budget.

The Knox County Purchasing Department has picked Rouse Construction to develop a new school in the Gibbs community and Denark Construction to develop one in the Hardin Valley area.

Both firms are Knoxville-based.

The Gibbs school, according to the proposed contract, cannot exceed $23.63 million. The Hardin Valley one cannot exceed $34.8 million, according to its contract.

The county and school system initially set a $64.5 million budget for the schools. Officials negotiated that price down to $58.4 million with the developers, meaning the total costs came in at $6.1 million under budget.



Unknown said...

Oh, puh-leeze. The 800-seat Gibbs facility is expected to be half-empty just a few years after it opens its doors and the 1200-seat HV facility is to be built immediately next door to a school where 1200 empty seats already exist for free. Excuse me for not being impressed with the "savings."

your away pal said...

Where did those budgets come from? The numbers I heard were $50mm for the budget. I got my number from a county commissioner.

Mike Donila said...

Your away pal,
Who is the commissioner? The numbers come from the MOU that the commission and BOE approved.
I hope this helps.