Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More on the grand jury probe

Apparently, the grand jury investigation into the Trustee's Office has been going on for at least a few weeks, but people are only starting to talk now because there's been quite a bit of activity happening over at the Deathstar.

And that always makes for good gossip. Heh.

(I posted a little about this yesterday.)

Anyhoo, testimony will resume tomorrow and at least one person from the Knox County Trustee's Office will meet with the jury. That employee, however, is not a target, and is expected talk more about office procedures.

I also talked to John Haun's attorney, John Valliant and former Trustee Mike Lowe's attorney, Gregory P. Isaacs. (There were a few accusations thrown around about Lowe as you might recall.)

Valliant didn't say much, but his guy is expected to eventually testify at some point. Haun will probably be able to cut a deal, but he's also expected to be charged at some point for overpaying himself some mega-extra coin. He'll also repay the scratch from what his attorney has said in the past.

In the meantime, it's quite possible - after more than two years of the TBI investigating this (alleged) mess - that residents could finally have some answers. Or not.

Who knows. It's possible someone could get indicted. Then, of course, they go to court. If they win, they walk. And if they lose, well, do they really lose?

You do remember the Cynthia Finch trial, don't ya?

Regardless, we'll have a more complete story about this in tomorrow's News Sentinel.


Anonymous said...

believe Sisk to be the one who has not abused the system, anxious to see his involvment, if any

Brian Paone said...

I bet you are, Ms. Szito. I bet you are.

Anonymous said...

so will Haun throw Lowe under the bus?