Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paul Pinkston looking at Senate seat

How does “state Sen. Paul Pinkston” sound?

Oh yeah. Heh.

The former Knox County commissioner, left, and well-known rubble-rouser just called, saying he's probably going to email commissioners and tell them he wants the 6th District seat that Jamie Woodson, R-Knoxville, will vacate in July.

“I just feel like they'll give it to some political hack and since (the county) needs the money, why not give it back,” said Pinkston, who was working in the lawn when he called. “I don't think anyone should be paid for this job for not doing anything and staying at home and just saying they're a senator.”

Pinkston, the sharpest dresser on the commission for six years (he left last September)who operated a business with his brother, said he doesn't expect to get the job, but hopes to put pressure on whoever does to not accept the salary.

The county is accepting resumes right now. Once Woodson leaves, the commission will interview candidates. The top selection will serve until the election. The county hasn't set an actual date yet for the appointment process.

“I really don't want the job,” Pinkston said, laughing. “You think I'm kidding, don't you?”

The job is pretty much a bench-warming, resume-padding position. Heck, even Pinkston knows that. But it is kind of cool to have folks calling you “senator.” And technically you get a pro-rated paycheck for whatever the annual salary is. (I think it's about $20,000 a year.)

Anyhoo, Pinkston said if – miraculously – the governor did call an emergency session then he'd still work for free, but he'd like the state to pick up the tab for his hotel room while he hung with the Nashville lawmakers. He said he'd pay for his own food.

“I've got to eat,” he said. “But why should someone be paid when they're not doing any work?”

Good point.

As it stands, a couple folks have already decided they want to run for the seat for real. None of this appointed, bench-warming stuff.

So far, Knoxville City Councilwoman Marilyn “I can't make up my mind” Roddy, Sertoma Center Executive Director Becky “I'm a Duncan so you should vote for me” Massey and former Knox County Commissioner Victoria “Dance for Me, Puppet” Defreese are gearing up to run for the spot.

RINO Woodson will step down July 9 to become the CEO of a statewide education initiative.


Brian Paone said...

There have been worse ideas floated.

Anonymous said...

Paul Pinkston implying he is not a political hack is like Richard Nixon insisting he wasn't a crook.

Anonymous said...

Why are you calling Woodson a RINO?
Not all Repubicans are rightwing nutcases. Although your pal Pinkston certainly fills the bill.

Mike Donila said...

Regarding RINO: Just something I picked up on pretty much every other blog I've read. And yeah, you could be right about Paul. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Pinkston's beating the bushes for his galpal Victoria. Like that's going to help.