Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Absences and costs of Carter school

So, just how big of a deal was yesterday's official unveiling of the new Tim Burchett Elementary School for the Carter Community?

Well, if you go by school system attendance, not very.

Only School Board member Mike McMillan, who represents East Knox County, schools Superintendent Jim McIntyre, school PR person Melissa Ogden and principal Shay Siler (along with some teachers and students) were there. (I also might have spotted Doug Dillingham, who is over school construction or something.)

It also wasn't even mentioned during last night's county Board of Education meeting, according to our education reporter. Oh well.

Maybe the rest of the board will show up at the ribbon cutting in August.

In the meantime, a couple folks have asked how the county paid for the new facility. You know, despite the fact that we've reported it a gazillion times.

Anyhoo, according to Casual Chris Caldwell, the county's top bean counter, the total expenditure for the school is $13,869,737.84 And here's how they funded it:

  • $892,550.68: JP Morgan Settlement
  • $2,010,000.00: Solway
  • $943,818.22: City of Knoxville payoff of Animal Center
  • $2,500,000.00: Knox County Schools Capital Plan contribution
  • $3,419,250.00: E-911 Payment for building
  • $4,104,118.94: Hillcrest Nursing Facilities

Also, according to the casual one, the actual sale price of Hillcrest Nursing Facilities was $5,275,000. The remaining $1,170,881.06 will go to pay for the FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment) for Carter Elementary School. The county anticipates the total FF&E for Carter to be $2 million.

UPDATE: I received a call from a school board member who said members didn't receive invitations to the event. They suggested that it was probably an oversight.

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Ghost of Scott Moore said...

That's one hell of an oversight. Who sent the invites? Silly politics.