Monday, June 24, 2013

ObamaCare fees to cost Knox $300K

Looks like the county will have to ante up almost 300K in clams to cover a fee tied to the Affordable Care Act.

I'm certainly not going to get into whether this is a lot of money or not because it would mean debating the merits of ObamaCare and, quite frankly, both sides annoy me.

I did, however, chuckle after reading a letter Mayor Tim Burchett's sent to Congressman Duncan for no apparent reason other than to get some media coverage. He notes that Duncan didn't vote for the measure, then laments that it will cost the county money. (Like he didn't know this. Seriously. It's not a secret.)

Then Burchett tells the good Congressman that if he wants to learn more about it, he can call his office. Er . . . . . .

You can read the letter, which was no doubt authored by emperor Dean Rice and his underlings, right smack here.

The train wreck of a radio interview the two conducted this morning is more than likely somewhere on the Internet. Although it's no where near as funny as this one that has been floating around.

No word yet on how much the city, which also is self-insured, will have to spend. Probably a similar amount.

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