Thursday, October 2, 2014

County, anti-Sharia group reach settlement in civil rights lawsuit

This is what ya call a $17,500 oopsie.

Knox County has reached a settlement with an anti-Sharia law group that filed a civil rights lawsuit against the school system earlier this year after officials reneged on a promise to let the organization hold an after-school event at Farragut high School.

School officials initially said Act! for America could hold a forum at the school on April 24 to talk about Sharia law and its potential threat to American culture. But, in the wake of media publicity just weeks prior to the event, Superintendent Jim McIntyre, rescinded the offer, saying it would cause a "disruption" at the school.

John Peach, director for the organization's Knoxville chapter, and Bill French, one of the scheduled guest speakers, then filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in August, suing the school board, McIntyre and Michael Reynolds, the principal of Farragut High School.

The sides officially reached an agreement Wednesday night. Under the terms, the county will pay out roughly $17,500 in attorney fees, administrative costs and monetary damages tied to advertising for the event.

In addition, the school board on Wednesday – under the terms of the settlement – amended its policy regarding the community's use of school facilities.

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