Tuesday, November 25, 2014

KUB to 'Round It Up' starting in May

KUB has launched a pilot program in which it will round up customers' bills to the next dollar, and then give some folks "long-term sustainable funding to fix weatherization," according to Leslie, one of my new peeps, at WBIR.

The initiative - called "Round It Up" - will start in May.

President & CEO Mintha Roach emphasizes this is not some kind of freeloader program, and that 100 percent of the coin will go to construction and repairs for low-income homeowners and renters in our community.

So, based on the numbers, the maximum contribution in a year would not exceed $11.88 per customer, and KUB, which is teaming up with the city and the Knoxville-Knox County CAC, says the average would be about $6 for most people each year. (Those aforementioned groups by the way will help evaluate homes of those in need and determine what improvements should be made.)

Some folks have complained about the automatic rollover. Actually, I'm not gonna mince words: Some folks are flat out livid about the "opt out" program. You know, the principle of it.

Others don't care and probably won't notice the difference.

To read Leslie's full story, to find out how to opt out or stay in, and to check out KUB's release, CLICK RIGHT SMACK HERE.

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