Saturday, May 16, 2015

New reading initiative set in motion

During today's Children’s Festival of Reading, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett announced plans for a new childhood reading initiative called Leaders for Readers. This volunteer tutor program will be implemented by the Great Schools Partnership.

Unlike previous volunteer reading programs, Leaders for Readers will train and supply volunteer tutors with materials in alignment with current classroom curriculum. Tutors will work during and after school at a variety of Knox County elementary and middle schools.

“Reading is the foundation of education, and I want to thank the Great Schools’ Partnership for their support of this initiative,” the mayor said in a released statement. “Our teachers do outstanding work, and we want to implement a program that aligns with what they’re teaching in the classroom so we can give them and our students the best chance of success.”

For more info, including a volunteer sign-up application, click RIGHT SMACK HERE or call 215-4501.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

So the thought is that after a full day of school (including all-day kindergarten, these days), students will participate in this after school reading program utilizing "materials in alignment with current classroom curriculum," then go home later than usual to complete homework?

With the disclaimer that I am NOT an educator, my first thought is that we could better boost students' interest and ability in reading if we allow them to read on topics of their own personal interest in a program like this one.

Don't sap a child's natural curiosity in the name of rigor?