Wednesday, May 13, 2015

State: Former Knox County Schools nutrition director double-dipped

Jon Dickl
So, if this turns out to be true, this dude is about as lame as you can get. He earned more than $105K a year in folding paper and he decides to rip off the county for just under $4K. Real smart, dude. real smart.

From the state: A special investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has revealed that former Knox County Schools nutrition director Jon Dickl used a double-dipping scheme to misappropriate at least $3,677 from the school system. This investigation was completed in conjunction with the Knox County Sheriff’s Department.

Jon Dickl claimed and received travel and expense reimbursement payments totaling at least $3,677 from Knox County Schools related to expenses for which other organizations either paid or reimbursed him.

In addition to the double-dipping, Mr. Dickl was reimbursed $587 for a conference in Orlando, Florida, although event organizers say he was not registered for this conference. Investigators also questioned a $178 travel mileage reimbursement to accommodate Mr. Dickl’s personal engagement in Nashville.

In May 2014, Mr. Dickl used Knox County Schools’ employees and a vehicle to transport a school system clothes dryer from Karns Elementary School to his house for his personal benefit.

All of these matters were referred to the local district attorney general.

“This investigation highlights the need for improved monitoring of government reimbursements and travel expenses,” Comptroller Justin P. Wilson said. “It is unfortunate a former leader in the Knox County School system took advantage of the public’s trust.”

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