Thursday, May 23, 2013

City Council gets it done quietly

Gerald Witt at meeting. (Photo by Dan Andrews)
So, for all the knuckleheads and chicken heads out there - most of whom like to complain about "Mayor Maddie" on our comment section - well, where were you the other day?

(They call her that cause they think they're cute. It's just like the people who call county Mayor Tim Burchett "Timmy." Real clever, let me tell ya.)

Huh? Oh yeah, you hide behind your fake, silly little monikers and fire shots, but you don't have the guts to show up at a Knoxville City Council meeting (or County Commission meeting) and complain.

You get what you deserve.

Here's KNS porter Gerald Witt's take, right smack here, on who bothered to show up at the City Council meeting to talk about the gazillion dollar budget. (Hint: no one.)

My favorite hippie weighs in, right smack here (although he's more forgiving than me).

As Gerald notes:
Guess what? Those are the things most likely to affect (raise) your property taxes in coming years. Put in simpler terms: the decisions that city council, and your mayor make today will affect how much your pay in taxes tomorrow. Seen yet another way – enjoy your flat taxes this year, they could be rising in years to come.
And yeah, I know there's going to be a few folks who think they're clever. They're going to say something unoriginal, something stupid, like: "Well, if the media is there, then we don't need to be."

Sure, whatever. Just don't complain.

Cause we all know you will.

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