Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Non-profits to get "peddler" waiver

Late last year, the county commission approved new standards and regulations for roadside vendors (look them up yourselves – not doing it for you) and those who operate small, unlicensed flea markets in parking lots and out of abandoned businesses.

And already they have to amend the thing. (It's in the county code under "Peddlers and Solicitors.")

The commission will talk about working out some kind of deal to provide exemptions for programs run by non-profits, which will probably actually help the small vendors that fall under the umbrella of an already established 501c3. The non-profit would be subject to the codes, licenses, fees, whatevers, but the booths that operate with them wouldn't. That way not everyone would need to jump through the hoops.

A situation that comes to mind is if a neighborhood wants to hold a large sale on the side of the road.

Key to this is that the money of course would have to go toward charity.

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