Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Knox retirees to get paid sick days

Knox County officials are looking into a plan that would pay those retiring (it doesn't count if you're fired or quit) a portion of their sick leave. You see some employees toward the end of their careers like to call it in on Fridays and Monday and, you know, take that loooong weekend.

Well, the administration thinks that giving the sick days a little more meaning (in other words: Show me the coin), then employees are less apt to phone from home and abuse the day when they're really not sick.


The maximum payoff would be $10,000, or a total of 800 hours for a 40-hour employees. The Sheriff's Office and the school system already do this. (All county employees also get paid for their annual time when they leave.)

“You're putting a value on it (the sick day) and rewarding long-tenured employees,” said Casual Chris Caldwell, the county's top bean counter.

He added that the plan will be revenue neutral in that if someone leaves and gets paid out, the county won't replace that person until whatever amount of paid sick days have expired.

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