Thursday, December 5, 2013

Funny Twitter handles to check out

In the past couple of years, some really, really funny local Twitter handles have popped up. Here are my favorites in no particular order:


Slogan: I’m just a bear. Official twitter account of the laziest bear in Knoxville. 

The bear is fun because he/she always responds. Sometimes the bear goes off the grid, but he/she will return. 

Last post: Nov. 4.


Slogan: Parody account of Ackermann PR and Moxley Carmichael. Putting a positive spin on everything.

Likes to crack jokes about the high costs of hiring PR and how fun it is to shill for certain companies.
Last post: Sept. 13.


Slogan: I was a judge in Knox County. Now, I’m a felon. (Also includes a link Hustler Magazine Vs. Falwell case.)

This is a parody account about Richard Baumgartner who loved to pop pills. Recently a local private investigator began following the account. It’s no secret that Baumgartner wanted to sue the person who runs this Twitter handle. I hope he does. If you think he’s a disgrace to the human race now, just wait until the lawsuit gets filed and the media crap-storm that ensues.

Last post: Dec. 3.


Slogan: Satire. Not the real Jim McIntyre, who is a public official in Knox County, Tennessee.

This one popped up last night after folks took Jim to task about his leadership style. At one point a student took the podium and talked about how years ago he received a yellow card for not paying attention. He then held up a yellow card and told Jim that it was for him. Personally, I would have called this account TattleTaleJim. Heh.

Last post: Today

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Gerald Witt said...

@mulchfire was pretty great while that was going on - they still tweet on occasion. Same for @notawigshop, which appears to have been mothballed as well.