Friday, December 27, 2013

Smith set to run for school board

Miss me? Bet you did. I’m on vacation, but couldn’t help chiming in on this one. Heh.

In its never-ending effort to remind everyone that term-limited county Commissioner R. Larry Smith will run for school board, the Sentinel again today published another article. Reminding folks just that.

Anyhoo, it really comes as no surprise. Smith for more than a year has told people that he’s mulled running against Sherry Witt for the Register of Deeds post and against Congressman Jimmy Duncan Jr for his seat. When it finally got through to him that he had less than a snowball’s chance, he opted to take his chances on the school board.

(Incumbent Kim Severance has said that she will not seek re-election.)

So far, two other potential candidates have picked up nominating petitions. Both are male, so that could potentially bode well for R. Larry, who doesn’t seem to think that women’s issues are all that important. Heh. Ha ha.

What’s going to cause some potential problems, however,  is that – as the article points out (sorry, I'm not linking to pay walls) – Commissioner Flip Flop said he would vote against extending Superintendent Jim McIntyre’s contract. Well, BS.

Smith voted to approve it during a commission meeting earlier this month. Now, it probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway, but – as I noted here – he could have symbolically opposed it, like Commissioner Mike Brown.

Instead, he voted to add it to the commission consent agenda, and then he approved the agenda.

So, technically R. Larry voted to extend the contract twice, rather than once, like the school board.

As someone pointed out on the KNS message board, maybe R. Larry should go back to school rather than serve on the school board.


To check out who picked up and turned in nominating petitions, click right smack here.

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