Friday, December 20, 2013

McIntyre says 'Happy Holidays' to county teachers in an odd video

In a seriously bizarre video, an uncomfortable looking Knox County Superintendent Jim McIntyre wishes teachers a happy holiday.

Really, it’s odd. I suppose he means well, but did he really have to remind everyone how his $222,800 a year contract was recently extended? Talk about rubbing salt into the wound. And next time you read a script, tack it up a little higher on the ol’ laptop so it looks like you’re actually talking to the teachers. 

Not, you know, reading one of Melissa Ogden’s scripts. Heh. 

You can find the video, right smack here.

UPDATE: Well, apparently, Lord McIntyre and his disciples on the school board "are showing appreciation to teachers and staff for their hard work at all our schools," according to an Ogden email.

She added that no public coin was used.

"The money is left over from a contribution to the Partners in Education program for the annual parent conference, so it is not being funded with taxpayer dollars or using money out of the general purpose budget," she wrote.

The flowers, which will be dead by this weekend, cost $936, and the cookies totaled $1,552.

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