Friday, December 13, 2013

Superintendent contract before commish for perfunctory vote

County Commission meets on Monday. They’ll consider a resolution to approve the contract between the Knox County Board of Education and Superintendent Jim McIntyre.

My guess is it’s a pretty quick rubber stamp. The commission, while it controls the county’s financial purse strings, can’t tell the BOE how to spend its money once allocated. And at some point, the county has to allocate money to pay the superintendent’s salary, whoever he or she is.

(It’s also not worth the headache to a number of commissioners to keep battling the BOE over management anyway.)

However, there could be a few holdouts as Commissioner Tony Norman or Mike Brown might now approve it. More curious, though, will be what Vice Chairman R. Larry Smith does. Rumors once again making the rounds are that he’s again thinking about running for a school board seat (good luck with that one), but the only way to separate himself from an incumbent would be to take an anti-McIntyre stance.

We’ll see. Expect officials to initially place it on the consent agenda, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s taken off for an outright vote.

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