Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Commissioner Smith says pretty much nothing about disparaging remarks

Knox County Commission Vice Chairman R. Larry Smith sort of issued an apology to fellow board member Amy Broyles tonight. He kind of muttered something anyway.

(For the background, click right smack here.)

I tried to get clarification from him, but he ran like a chicken (bawk, bawk, bawk), first to the bathroom, then to his cell phone, then to a group of people (who ignored him) before finally stopping and saying “not to you,” when I asked if he’d comment.


Later he told another reporter that he’d make a comment about his weak apology and the disparaging remarks he made about women’s issues. But, only out of earshot of me! 

That’s funny.  

But, look, if you don’t want to tell me why you hate or don't hate women, that’s cool. I don’t care. It makes my job waaaay easier to say “declined to comment.”

But, maybe you can answer the almost 30 people who emailed the commission office about the comments. (Right smack here for the emails. Heh.)


The board next Monday will take up the matter of commission travel. R. Larry, who proposed it, didn’t want to talk about it tonight. He wanted to wait until Commission Chairman Brad Anders was there. 

That’s kind of funny.

Awhile back, Anders asked to move a commission meeting because he knew he would be able to attend. Smith sent an email to the commissioners, saying that it would be the job of the vice chairman to take over.

Guess that’s not the case anymore.

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