Sunday, November 10, 2013

Criminal Ct Clerk 'cruising' along

So, uh, what do you do when you’re under fire for running what officials believe is a shoddy shop and you’ve managed to pretty much tick off the kinds of people in life you don’t really want to – you know, judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, etc?

Well, you take off on a cruise! Yup. Apparently, the worst kept secret – or one of them – in the ol’ Death Star is that embattled Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey left today on a 10-day cruise. Technically, I think she quit showing up for work on Thursday, but left today. (insert your own joke.)

Now, you can say: Well she booked that sucker in advance, so she should go. Well, yeah. You can say a lot of things. And hey, I’m not judging anyone. Especially someone who’s missed pretty much every other Friday this year.


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