Thursday, November 7, 2013

Emails calling out Commissioner Smith

Well, looks like those comments made by Knox County Commission Vice Chairman R. Larry Smith aren’t going away.

You may recall that yesterday, the good commissioner questioned fellow commissioner Amy Broyles’ travel expenses.

She attended the Tennessee Economic Council on Women in Nashville and Smith said to the News Sentinel: “How’s women’s issues going to better Knox County’s government decision making?”

Hahahahahaha. Yeah, he did.

So, folks have been emailing the county commission office, expressing their dismay. Folks are calling the remarks “appalling,” and “lame and insipid,” and etc.

“Your self-indulgent ignorance is stunning,” a person said.

And, in one bizarre instance, Smith responded: “(Broyles) is spending all her time going to conferences, but has the worst attendance record BY FAR of any Commission (sic). Do your job at home then in your free time go to conferences.”

Good Lord.

Well, he wanted a story when he stooged some media outlets into covering it. I just don’t think this is the story he wanted.

You can find nine of the emails, right smack here. More continue to come in to the county and the media, but I don’t have time to put those up. And, well, you probably get the point.

In the meantime, tune in tonight. We'll have a story about travel that's actually relevant, and something Smith thinks is a good idea. Heh. 

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