Thursday, January 30, 2014

Buchanan seeks District 6 BOE seat

Info from another Knox County Board of Education candidate, this one from Brad Buchanan, who is running for the 6th District seat current occupied by Thomas Deakins, who is not seeking re-election.
We are delighted to announce that Bradley (Brad) Buchanan is running for the District 6 Board of Education (BOE) seat.  Several things set Brad apart and make him the obvious choice for the position.   

Brad and his wife are the proud parents of four children.  Two attend Amherst Elementary and their oldest is at Karns Middle School, both District 6 schools.  Their youngest will soon enough be following in his older sisters’ footsteps.  Having children currently in Knox County schools provides a unique perspective.  Brad has first-hand knowledge of policy changes, testing schedules, testing anxiety, and educational shifts.  

Brad is currently a Senior Systems Architect for a great local company, but he started his professional career in the classroom.  Prior to earning his MS in Computer Science he completed his MEd in Secondary Education specializing in Business Education.  Brad taught business and computer classes in high school for 4 years and then taught 2 additional years at the collegiate level.  Brad remains closely linked to education through his wife of nearly 20 years.  She has taught for 15 years, the last 9 years with Knox County Schools. 

Brad has a true respect for educators and public education.  He values educators as the true professionals they are.  Brad believes that as much funding as possible should directly touch the students.  This means that money should be spent on services, personnel and items that directly impact the students’ education and not routed around them to a top heavy central office or private companies.  Brad also feels that teachers should TEACH and not be tied to restrictive frameworks and punitive systems that hinder their ability to reach their diverse populations.  
Brad has been meeting with parents, educators, principals, and students to listen and learn about concerns and successes among their schools. As your District 6 BOE representative, Brad would be committed to being a true voice for the students, educators, and parents.
Buchanan at this point will face Tamara Shepherd and Terry Hill in the May primary. In addition, Sandra Rowcliffe and Ronald Hennen also have picked up nominating petitions but haven't turned them in yet.

The general election is set for August and the top two vote-getters in the primary will move on. The BOE races are non-partisan.

As always, send me your elections stuff and I'll post it.

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Ron Scarbrough said...

I suppose the election is non-partisan but it seems that the two female candidates are certainly not. One is supported by heavy donations from the Democratic Party and one is supported by huge donations from the Republican Party. Of the three candidates who have filed only Mr. Buchanan remains clear of debt to the major parties. Mr. Buchanan,my brother-in-law, will owe only the voters who donate to him and will vote ONLY to support the children of this county. If I am incorrect I am open to correction by either of the other candidates.