Wednesday, January 8, 2014

County audit to note a few problems

As I said would happen back in mid-December, the county received a clean bill of health from its auditors in a review tied to its annual report, which covered the entire previous fiscal year.

However, I noted that when the county officially turns over the single audit report (this is kind of the sister report to the comprehensive finance report, or CAFR), that there were going to be some problems.

Well, that report will be made publicly on Tuesday when the Audit Committee accepts it. And, like I predicted, officials will talk about several problems auditors found.

“A government our size is always going to have an audit finding,” said County Finance Director Chris “Money Bags” Caldwell. “We expect a handful of findings. The key to the thing is cleaning up the findings from the previous year.”

However, Caldwell, who didn’t actually take the top finance gig until the middle of last year so you really can't blame him for any of it, said the county has taken care of the problems.

You can read the original story I wrote right smack here.

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