Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Robert Taylor talks about sacrifices, dedication to his school students

I'm willing to bet that there is absolutely no one - no one - in that educational ivory tower who has sacrificed like Robert Taylor, a special education teacher for the past eight years at Amherst Elementary School, has.

I met Taylor awhile back when I was working on a story regarding the school system. I've got a pretty good BS meter. This guy is genuine, the real deal.

The following is from Monday's form the Knox County Commission hosted to listen to teachers talk about some of the problems they face from the school system.


Jennifer Owen said...

Thank you for continuing to report on the problems in KCS, Mike. With so many powerful forces working to obscure these truths, we deeply appreciate each one that makes it to the public.

fischbobber said...

Is Mr. Taylor the former football coach at Bearden?

What our children are witnessing in regard to their teachers working conditions borders on criminal. This is not what I want my child to view as the new normal.