Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Criminal Ct Clerk's Office updates meth registry, but still far behind

some meth ingredients
So, on Feb. 24 we broke the story that the Knox County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office was pretty much breaking the law by not turning over some key information to the TBI regarding meth-related convictions and offenders.

(The names would then be placed on the meth offender registry. Once on there, you can’t buy pseudoephedrine, meth’s main ingredient for seven years.)

You can find that bad boy right smack here.

Well, after we did the story, 42 names were magically sent over to the state. But, as is typically with some of the info coming out of the criminal court clerk’s office, it wasn’t complete. In the end, the TBI added 15 of the 42 names to the registry. That means there’s still more than 100 folks who were convicted and should be on the registry but are not.

As always, you won’t find this scoop anywhere else.


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