Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A few weigh in on term limit plan

Heard back from a couple of folks regarding today's story about Knox County Commission Mike Brown's call for school board term limits.

Board of Ed member Pam Trainor, who also represents the county's southern district with Brown, said a resident asked about her thoughts.

She said:

“I really don't see a problem with term limits for any elected body, personally. However, I do find it odd that "my" commissioner hasn't seen a school board member in his district for more than a normal "term limited term" in probably twenty or more years...since the days of Mildred Doyle.

Pam Trainor
It is also of note....that we are not now, nor have we ever been, a subset of County Commission, as my commissioner would like to believe. We exist by State Constitution .... not County Charter. Meaning that, it would take a change to the state constitution in order to enact term limits for us. That might ruffle a few state legislator feathers, because it could directly effect them, as well. It is also somewhat strange that he raises this issue post session. And his math is extremely fuzzy.... He says "we have twice as much responsibility to the people of Knox county, because we are in charge of twice as much money, as the commission is. That doesn't add up.

Knox County Schools is approx 60 percent of the county's budget. Not to mention....we have NO budget unless approved by commission, nor does the mayor. So the the way I see it they are in COMPLETE control of the county's monies.

And as a taxpayer myself....and a South Knoxville citizen, that is watching in real time, it's main corridor of Chapman Hwy die an exhausting death, I would hope that my commissioner could find more productive ways to occupy his time."

Phil Guthe
Next up, I got a note from former county Commissioner Phil Guthe. (Always good to hear from him by the way.)

Phil asked whether the commissioners were serious.

Then added: “The issue was decided January 12, 2007. Tell these folks to read my book. I'll gift a signed copy if they'll contact me. They are wasting time and resources even threatening to talk about term limits in public.”

Sweet. As always, you can find Phil's book “Term Limits” right smack here. I also wrote a story about it, right here.

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