Friday, April 19, 2013

Belle Morris done? Frith leaving

Couple of notes from today's election commission meeting.

Last year some folks got upset after the election commission in a 4-0 vote agreed to close the precinct at Belle Morris Elementary School and move voters to the nearby Larry Cox Senior Center.

At the time, elections administrator Clifford Rodgers said the center was easier for people with disabilities to use and that it had more parking.

Many Democrats disagreed and some said the move smacked of partisan politics, since it was the largest Democratic precinct inside the city. A lot of huffing and puffing followed and folks ignored the fact that one Democrat on the election commission actually voted to close the precinct and the other one didn't bother to show up at the meeting.

Eventually, everyone agreed that they might talk more about it early this year.

Well, no one – Democrat or Republican – brought it up this morning.

So, guess it was all a bunch of nothing, unless someone shows up at one of these meetings to complain.

After the meeting Rodgers said his office “did not get one call from any disgruntled voters about” the move after the August primary.

“(Larry Cox) is one of the finest voting facilities in Knox County and it has plenty of parking,” he said. “Also, I don't like voting in schools if we have something else nearby.”

Other item of note:

Rodgers announced that Scott Frith, the county's assistant administrator of elections, has resigned, effective May 17, the day before he graduates law school. Rodgers called Frith an “invaluable part of my team . . . and a trusted adviser and friend.” Rodgers said he would begin taking applications for the position soon.

It pays $65,000 a year, so expect a bunch of knuckleheads to turn out, thinking they got a shot at some easy money.

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