Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A looking at some voting numbers

Wow, what an election night! I'll have more on my thoughts later about my predictions and the outcomes later. But here's a look at some numbers.

You can find the what county election stud Cliff Rodgers says are the most accurate he was RIGHT SMACK HERE. The results will be officially certified at the election commissioner's March 21 meeting.

It appears that about 92,000 Knox County voters out of 218,000 registered voters hit the ballot boxes, so we're looking at roughly a 42 percent voter turnout. Hey, that's not too, too shabby.

Cliff says about 25 to 30 percent of the total was early voting, and he's hoping to get a higher number in the August general elections.


Unknown said...

How could Nathan Rowell and Buddy Pelot accept campaign donations that came from the Laurens Tullock Cornerstone email? Since both of them are attorneys, and that email was an IRS violation, weren't they ethically required by the Bar to return all those donations? Each of them raised many thousands of dollars from the Tullock email.

Mike Donila said...

Well, technically the email might not have been in violation as there was no investigation, etc. Also Rowell and Pelot say they didn't solicit the money. That was on Tullock. I'm not defending anyone just my two cents.