Monday, June 20, 2016

Burchett proposes paid leave bump for county employees in Guard, Reserve

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett is proposing an increase in the number of paid leave days given to Knox County Government employees who are members  of National Guard and U.S. Armed Forces Reserve services.

Currently, employees are paid for up to 20 working days of military leave – or four weeks. Mayor Burchett proposes increasing that  benefit to 30 days of leave – or six weeks.

“Our service members in the Guard and Reserve are increasingly being asked to fulfill the role  our full-time, enlisted servicemen filled, which means more time than ever spent away from  work and family,” said Burchett said.

The proposal would require an amendment to the Knox County personnel ordinance and will go  before the Knox County Commission later this month during the board’s June 20 work session  and June 27 meeting.

“Knox County supports our employees’ service and sacrifice for our country, and this is an important, meaningful way to show our appreciation and also reduce the financial burden on employees who are on assignment or deployed,” the mayor added.

The ordinance amendment must pass two readings by the County Commission before becoming law.

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