Thursday, June 9, 2016

State Supreme Court development takes another step as city accepts bids

The city has kicked off the bidding process to develop create major mixed-use development at the former downtown site of the State Supreme Court.

“This is a prime piece of the downtown landscape,” said Dawn Michelle Foster, the city’s Director of Redevelopment. “This presents a tremendous opportunity. It’s crucial that this block be brought back into reuse the right way, with a mixed-use redevelopment that contributes significantly to the vibrancy and energy across our downtown.”

The 1.7-acre site is bounded by Henley Street, Cumberland Avenue, Locust Street and Church Avenue.

The State Supreme Court relocated to the Post Office Building on Main Street in 2003, and the city purchased the mostly vacant surplus property fronting Henley Street from the State of Tennessee last year for $2.47 million.

The city's long-term plan is to direct the scope of the development and then return the property to private ownership as quickly as possible.

For details about the site and guidelines for its redevelopment, read the Request for Proposals at

Proposals are due Oct. 10.

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