Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's try this again

Call it Screams from the Porch 2.0, I suppose. Not really sure how much screaming I can do at work. And I no longer own a porch. I just liked the name and I started this blog years ago. (I've since cleaned it out, deleting the old posts, cutting out the $%&*s, and #*$^#s. Self-censorship is charming. No, not really. But we're a family newspaper, they tell me. Whoever “they” is. So I'm not allowed to swear. I'm sure I'll violate that rule soon.)

You're bored by now, aren't you? I should get to the point.

So, what the heck is this blog going to be about, anyway? I'm not sure. Maybe it's an addendum to my regular reporting. Again, I don't know. I don't like themes. I never liked labels. I suppose, though, I'll talk about local politics, mostly at the county level, and hope I somehow stumble into making sense. (I can ramble like a mental patient at times, and tend to touch on whatever comes to mind. But I digress.)

I guess we'll all see.

You're not going to find breaking news on here. Probably not. (You'll find that at the main site.) But, you will find news, more than likely, the inside baseball of Knox County politics. Sometimes it will be insightful; most of the time probably silly. I might even make up stuff. Other bloggers do.

Kidding. About the making up part.

Who knows?

Maybe something cool will happen

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Redfox said...

I just found your Blog this morning. I think it is a good idea because you can give more of your own take on situations than you can on the “main site” where your job is to report the news. You also can be a bit more complete here because you are not restricted to a certain word count.

Your work has been good since filling Scott’s smelly, overloaded shoes () and I like the fact that you read the comments and on occasion add to and correct some posters comments. The comment section is much like the Wild West with some commenters shooting at anything that moves.