Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pinkston: Show me the money

Former Knox County Commissioner Paul Pinkston, left, may finally get his money.

Years after he won an ouster suit filed by local attorney Herbert S. Moncier (a world-record setter for suing local government), Pinkston in January asked county officials to pay his legal bills.

No one seemed to have a problem, but Pinkston apparently needed to have the request placed on the commission’s agenda. That finally happened.

During Tuesday’s work session, officials indicated that they were ready to pay the tab: roughly $23,000.

“I’m all in favor of paying it,” commission Chairman Mike Hammond said.

The others agreed.

When asked about the amount county Law Director Joe Jarret said “the quote seems more than reasonable because he went through a trial and an appeal.”

Under state law, apparently, the county couldn’t front Pinkston the money to defend himself.

However, officials are allowed to reimburse him, so long as he won.

More than likely, Pinkston will be $23,000 richer in about a month, officials said tonight.

Added the former commissioner: “I did nothing wrong.”

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