Monday, December 12, 2011

Commission against Sunshine changes

Tom Humphrey – Tennessee's most ass kicking state government reporter – wrote a story the other day about a plan by some county commission somewhere that would screw with the Sunshine laws.

However, Gov. Wild Bill Haslam, according to Tom, is against it and “sees no need for changes . . . .”

You can read that bad boy by clicking right smack here.

In the story, you'll note a comment by Knox County Commission Chairman Mike Hammond (I actually fetched this quote for Tom) and his thoughts.

“Are you kidding me,” Hammond practically screamed.


Anyhoo, the commission is now set to take it another step. During today's work session, members will talk about writing a letter to the county's Legislative delegation, asking that members oppose any changes to the law.

(The proposed changes by the way would let members of a commission – so long as it was less than a quorum – meet without notifying the public.)

Here's a rough draft of the resolution right smack here. It's sponsored by Commissioner Ed Shouse.


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