Friday, December 16, 2011

2 judicial commish candidates don't vote

Just got off the horn with Knox County Commissioner “Our” Larry Smith who isn't too happy with some of the candidates seeking that sweet judicial commissioner job.

Apparently, some of them want to serve the county, but they don't like to hit the ballot boxes.

“Taxpayers are paying for this judicial position and it's almost $65,000 (a year in salary), so I was wondering if they were doing their civic duty themselves,” Smith told me. “I found out that five of them aren't, yet they want taxpayers to pay their (salary).”

OK, according to Smith, Alex Brown and Scott Tsakeres are not registered to vote.

He said Charity Miles and Arun Rattan are registered but don't vote.

He added that “there was not sufficient information on Marks Woods to determine whether he was registered.”

Fifteen folks applied for the spot and the commission will make a decision on Monday. But, earlier this week, the county sessions court judges narrowed down the list, so the commission is really faced with just eight candidates.

Brown and Miles are on the list of eight.

The county overall has five magistrates. They are charged with reviewing applications for warrants and summonses and conduct the initial court appearances of prisoners via closed-circuit television.

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