Thursday, December 22, 2011

School board candidate Oster is eligible

Knox County school board candidate Gina Oster, who is running for the 3rd District seat to replace Cindy Buttry (who decided not to run again), is in fact allowed to run.

According to a long-winded letter written in fancy lawyer talk, she is eligible.

Click right smack here for the letter.

Apparently, there was a issue about this because Oster works for the school system. (Click right smack here for the story.) I'm not up-to-date on it because I don't follow all this school stuff (hey, I got enough keeping up with the county), but the rogue blogger pretty much called this last week.


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Brian Paone said...

Seems like this question gets answered every election cycle.

Gov employees can run while still government employees (and even take a bunch of paid time off to do so, as was the case with one of Sherry Witt's employees in '08), but if elected they largely cannot remain employed in their previous capacity.

Kind of a weird law, but it is what it is.