Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trustee, fee offices give sweet bonuses

I don't normally like to scoop myself, but what the heck. I've spent the past few days working on a story about some bonuses that county officials get, in particular the Trustee's Office. So, I'll throw a little out there right now.

If only because there's so much conflicting information about this mess and TV will probably get it wrong. Heh.

Yes, Knox County Trustee John Duncan III gave himself and 7 other workers who are not "certified public administrators" each a $3,000 bonus. Call it an early Christmas present.

Four other people who have achieved the designation also got the extra coin.

Duncan, who already makes some pretty good coin, is not the only office holder to hand out the "free money" in 2011. He is, however, the only one giving it to those who don't complete the CTAS course.

Is it legal? Go buy a freakin' newspaper ya cheapskate and find out. Or check online later.

Or maybe come back here for a possible update.

On a side note, the Register of Deeds Office paid out $12,138 to six workers; the Circuit Court Clerk paid out $1,632 to one employee, the Criminal Court Clerk paid six a combined $9,138; and the Property Assessor's Office paid two employees a combined $5,600.


SusieQ said...

Do you ever write about anyone besides the trustee? What's your creepy obsession with him?

Mike Donila said...

Shut up.

Mike Donila said...

Anonymous coward.

"Do I write about anyone else?"

Yeah, learn how to count (and read for that matter). You'll see that about 2 percent of my reporting on county government is about the Trustee's Office.

jeff_ownby said...

You can write about me if you want? I bet you get a lot of great comments.Lol

Dan Andrews said...

@susie Mike Donila is the most awesome reporter that is out there. If you a firefighter you go to where the fires are...if your a reporter you go to where the news breaking story is. In a county that needs a good political watchdog we are blessed to have Mike the Pitbull!

Brian Hornback said...

I wonder if SusieQ is the next Mrs. Trustee Duncan?