Sunday, December 25, 2011

Meeting notices to look a little longer

So, awhile back the Knox County Commission agreed that whenever two (or more) members planned to be at the same location then they’d notice the meeting at least 48 hours in advance.

There was quite a bit of debate about whether they should notice meeting for various clubs (i.e. West Knox Republican Club, Democrats R Us Group, the Whatever Shin Dig Meeting, you get the point).

But, the board finally agreed that those meetings, too, should be noticed.

So, here’s what an old notice looked like.

Here’s what the news ones will start looking like.

UPDATE: Here is Commissioner Jeff Ownby's schedule right smack here.


jeff_ownby said...

You will recieve mine sometime tomorrow. Sorry not my idea.

Mike Donila said...

LOL. I understand. I wasn't picking on R. Larry but rather showing people what a lot of the new notices will be looking like. It could get confusing.

jeff_ownby said...

It will and that was my point during our meeting. It might just get laughable.

Brian Paone said...

I like the old one better. What happens if the list changes mid-year? What's the process for amending the new list if necessary?

And does anyone outside of the handful of dregs and wretches with precious little better to do in life than follow such events care yet?