Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flu mist running low, no school visits

Not sure whether this merits posting on the ol' blog or not, but since most of the stuff doesn't what's one more. Heh.

Soooo, it seems some county officials expressed brief concern Wednesday that the health department didn't have enough money to give kids a second dose of the flu mist.

Not sure if this was just misinformation or what. But, Martha Buchanan, head honcho at the health department, told them that the first dose that the kids received awhile back is 90 percent effective. So, they should be OK.

However, the department doesn't have enough coin to visit local schools, so that's out for this year. You want the mist, go to the health department. (Drop my name, too. Might get you somewhere. Heh.)

Next year also could be an issue. Apparently, the federal dollars to support the misty program has dried up. (I'm not sure if this expense is included in the $7 million that the county will lose or not.)

Buchanan and Superintendent Jim McIntyre are expected to meet at some point to figure out a plan. They're supposed to look at “creative funding, grants or even corporate sponsorships.”

I like that last idea. Get your “Good Year” flu mist. Or whatever.

Corporate sponsorship.

Maybe Big Bill over at Pilot will get involved.

Naw, I doubt it. Too busy figuring out how to not get involved building local schools more like it.

Yeah, I went there.

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