Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Commission to reform finance panel

Several years back when a new county mayor and “new” 11-member commission (technically Jeff Ownby was the only new commissioner) took over, officials decided to do away with the finance and intergovernmental committese and instead hold monthly work sessions.

Well, guess, what? Yup, looks like the commission is bringing back the finance committee. Apparently, the board wasn't supposed to get rid of it in the first place. (Probably should have consulted the Rules Committee about it. Heh.)

Anyhoo, the commission yesterday talked further about the proposal and was again told that state law requires the board to have some type of finance committee that meets at least quarterly to look over the school system's finances.

At this point, it appears that once reformed it will actually consist of the entire county commission and will convene and reconvene and whatever-convene during regular commission meetings. That way no one has to get up early and make it to another finance committee meeting like the old days.

Or whatever.

In the meantime, some are suggesting the move is another power grab by some commissioners to micromanage how the school system spends money.

But, commission Chairman Tony Norman denied it, though, saying he doesn't want to create anymore friction.

We'll see. Regardless of the intentions, well . . .  we'll see.

I believe the committee is going to meet next month.

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