Friday, January 25, 2013

Mayor, salt crew in wreck but unhurt

Mayor's salt truck in minor wreck
Tim Burchett is no longer mobile.

The Knox County mayor and his driver were involved in a minor wreck around 10:40 this morning as the salt truck they were in hit a “solid sheet of ice” and nearly slipped off the side of the road.

“A big tree stopped us from completely rolling over or it would have been a completely different story,” Burchett said, adding that everyone is OK. 

In the meantime, he said they'll hang out for awhile and if need be, walk home.

“No one is getting up here right now – it's too dangerous,” he added. “You'd probably need a helicopter. But, we'll get out of here and we've got enough to stay warm, so everything is fine for now.”

The accident occurred on Haw Road off Tarwater in South Knoxville.

No word yet on whether they've spotted Bigfoot.

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