Thursday, January 24, 2013

County offices to open late Friday

photo by Saul Young
Big question of the day so far is whether schools will be closed tomorrow. I'm guessing . . . yeah, probably, but I have no inside info. It's just a guess.

In the meantime, the county just sent a out a release, noting that the office under the direction of Mayor Tim Burchett won't open until 10 a.m. Friday.

In addition, the county's IT Department has developed a weather closings/delay page. Click right smack here for it. Right now, it looks like the offices under the executive branch will use the system, as well as some other county officials. This is actually a pretty cool thing since a number of county offices are separated by leadership and don't report to the same boss, unlike the city. This time it appears that a number of them are on the same page. Literally.

No word on whether the school system will use it.

Also, click right smack here for the KNS site to also get the latest in closings.

It's probably going to be icy bad tomorrow. Stay safe and all that good stuff.

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