Friday, September 6, 2013

Employees gather for Walls' send-off

Knox County employees on Tuesday said goodbye to Richard Walls, who served as the county’s internal auditor for more than a decade. Here’s a couple of pictures that were sent to me.

To the upper left, Jim Sams, who works in the PBA, shakes hands with Walls. The guy on the other side is Shane Weaver, a  former employee who came back to see him off.

Left, Karen Briggs, a city of Knoxville worker, talks to Walls.

As you might recall, the Knox County Commission worked out a deal with Walls, letting him retire with a $31K severance check. The board will have to decide later this month whether to replace him or outsource the gig.

My guess is that they'll at least take applications for the job. Then they'll probably hire one of their buddies. Kidding. Heh.

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