Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Knox to give Seven Islands to state

The county is expected to turn Seven Islands over to the state, which will then turn it into a state park.

Gov. Big Bill will make the official announcement Sept. 20 during the Legacy Parks leadership luncheon

In the meantime, a number of officials have confirmed the news to the ol’ Porch.

We also caught up with Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett who said “we’ve just got to sign the papers” and it’s a done deal. (The commission also will have to approve the land transfer.)

When asked why the county would turn over the land, the mayor said that it “could be managed (and promoted) better by someone else.”

Fair enough. Someone told me earlier today – and I haven’t verified this yet – that Knox County is the state’s only county without a state park right now.


Cameron said...

Does Knox County's House Mountain count as a state park?

Mike Donila said...

Yes, it was, but then the state turned it over to the county. Kind of a twist of irony, I guess.

Rikki Hall said...

It seems like there are some steps in this process that are being glossed over. As reported, there is a vote by county commission that needs to happen, but are there also votes required at the state level? Are there public notices and comment periods that need to be given?

We are being promised a bridge and other facilities that can not possibly have been approved for funding yet. Is this really the proper procedure for this sort of transaction?