Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WBIR looks at officials' attendance

A WBIR review of Knox County Commission attendance records shows that the board as a whole missed 10 percent of its meetings during the past three years. The board’s counterparts, the Knoxville City Council and the Knox County School Board missed a little more than 2 percent and 4.5 percent, respectively.

Commissioner Amy Broyles missed the most meetings at 27 percent, followed by Sam McKenzie (15 percent), Tony Norman (13 percent), Brad Anders (10.5 percent), Richard Briggs and Mike Hammond (9.5 percent), Ed Shouse (7 percent), Jeff Ownby (7 percent) Mike Brown (6 percent), Dave Wright (3 percent) and R. Larry Smith (2 percent).

You can find the overall story, right smack here, a fancy slideshow right here and a story about Commissioner Broyles over here.

Please note that obviously elected officials do more than attend meetings. But, this is one aspect of political life.

Anyhoo, I’m out.

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