Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mayors: 'Summitt and Neyland' pandas

Well, this is kind of classy.

The other day I blogged about the Knoxville Zoo's contest to name the two newly born red pandas. Right smack here for that bad boy. There are a number of good names that made the cut, including "Madeline and Tim," which, obviously, reference the county and city mayors.

Well, this morning Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero sent out a release, throwing their support behind "Summitt and Neyland."

Here's what it said:
Madeline and Tim are pretty good names for the Knoxville Zoo’s newly born red pandas, but Summitt and Neyland are born to be winners. 

That’s why Madeline and Tim, er, Mayor Rogero and Mayor Burchett are putting their support behind the Summitt/Neyland name pairing in the Knoxville Zoo contest that asks residents to vote for their favorite names.

The Mayors have personally contributed $100 each to the Zoo on behalf of the contest and are encouraging others to vote - and donate. The baby cubs were born June 1 to mother Scarlett and dad Madan.

 “I couldn’t bear to vote for myself,” said Mayor Rogero. “I really do think the names Summitt and Neyland are ideal for the new additions.”

 “I won’t panda, I mean, pander, for votes when two outstanding names like Summit and Neyland are on the ballot,” Mayor Burchett offered.

Pat Summitt and General Neyland served as heroes on the court and field at The University of Tennessee. Naming the red pandas after them would pay homage to both of these legends.
To cast your vote or make a donation, click right smack here. The contest ends Friday, Sept. 13.

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