Monday, September 9, 2013

Low voter turn out and the write-in

Unbeknownst to some folks (even now), there is a certified write-in candidate in the Knoxville elections. His name is Carl Lansden and technically he faces off against 4th District incumbent Nick Della Volpe and Rick Staples.

You can read a kick a$$ story by WBIR’s Jim Matheny (it came out last week), right smack here.

In fact, next Monday’s election commission meeting will focus on the dude as officials certify all the fancy ways a voter can erroneously misspell the guy’s name. (This way if it gets misspelled it still counts.)

And, hey, maybe the guy could win. Say he gets 300 or 400 of his buds to show up in this super-low voter turnout election and he comes in second place (which means he automatically goes to the general election). 

Stranger things have happened in Knox County/Knoxville politics.

In the meantime, 187 people so far have cast votes through the first four days or early voting.
No word on how many of those are for Lansden.

As always, the ol’ Porch doesn’t care who wins. But the folks who sit on it would chuckle if it was Lansden.

Whoever he is.


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