Thursday, October 10, 2013

Commission to address CTAS bonuses

Knox County Commission Vice Chairman R. Larry Smith wants the county to cut its bonus payment program for employees who complete the state's certified public administrator training initiative.

Instead, he added, employees should receive bonuses based on promotions – not completing educational coursework.

"Constituents are telling me that they don't want to pay these bonuses just because they took a two-day refresher course when they, themselves, take continuing education," Smith said. "Look, I don't mind if the county pays them to take the course, but the problem I have is that some businesses pay people to take continuing education but they sure don't give them a bonus."

The commission is expected to address the matter during its October 21 work session.

"I don't know if I've formed an opinion about it yet," said commission Chairman Brad Anders. "I think on one hand that it sounds excessive, but what concerns me is that the commission would tell another completely separate officeholder what they can do with their payroll."

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