Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thomas kicks off commish campaign

Former radio dude Bob Thomas this morning officially kicked off his campaign for the at-large seat on the Knox County Commission, the one currently held by Mike Hammond (a radio man in his own right who isn’t going to seek re-election). 

The event, which drew a couple hundred people at least (quite frankly, I quit counting) featured some bad a$$ fried bologna sandwiches, chips, Moon Pies and R.C. Colas, and music by The Hillbillies and Con Hunley.

Folks lining up for some food

It also brought out scores of current and former state and local leaders, the usual movers and shakers, a number of politicos and quite a few sycophants. 

The primary – Thomas is a Republican – is set for May. The winner will advance to the August general election where he or she will win because, let’s face it, a Democrat ain’t getting that gig in Knox County.

Lots of folks eating bad a$$ bologna

A number of people spoke during the event today, but I didn’t really pay attention. Thomas, the former co-host of the Ed & Bob morning show, introduced his family, thanked a bunch of people and said “we’ve got to keep this thing moving,” presumably referring to the job the current County Commission is performing. 

Oh yeah, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett also spoke. Heh. He bragged on Bob a little bit. The good mayor talked about the $35 million tax increase that the folks in the “Ivory Tower” tried to implement last year. He added that he was tired of said “tower” trying “to tell us what to do,” and that Thomas (along with then-co-host Ed Brantley) let “us go on the radio and tell our side.”

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