Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No wonder some folks want to audit the criminal court clerk's office

Bad a$$ expensive chair
So, I keep hearing all these rumors about how Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey doesn’t have enough coin in her budget to replace some office chairs. 

Well . . . . .  maybe if someone in that office wasn’t out buying $1,400 chairs there would be enough money. 

Yeah, no kidding. You see, according to county receipts, someone laid down almost $2,840 for two Keilhauer Response 865 office chairs.

They were ordered in February 2012. You can find the receipts, right smack here

In addition, someone in the office earlier this year opted to spend roughly $2,000 on a Maytag refrigerator.  

Now, I’m no expert in chairs, but $1,400 sounds like a bunch. Can’t you buy like a whole “room” at Rooms to Go for a couple grand?

Anyhoo, I saw these bad a$$ Leather Executive Massage Chairs with a 5-Motor Massage – right smack here – for $141.95 each. 

But, if you buy three or more you can get them for $131.95. Now, discounting taxes, that’s like 21 chairs. And they massage!

Now, perhaps someone in the office needed an ergonomic chair because they had back surgery. OK. Point taken. Now why do you need two of them? - That's your one freebie Gervin.

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