Monday, October 7, 2013

Lawyer, GOP chair, blogger battle?

Looks like we might have us an old fashioned showdown between the rogue blogger, the rebel lawyer and the Republican chair.

Ya see, a little more than a week or so back, rubble rousing attorney Herb S. Moncier, presumably representing current Knox County GOP chairwoman, Ruthie Kuhlman, sent blogger Brian Hornback a note, telling him that he needed to correct, retract and say he’s sorry for some of his blog posts. 

(I’m not sure which ones, but they had something to do with overheard conversations regarding Kuhlman.)

Moncier apparently gave Hornback 10 days to do this.

Well, the rogue fired back on Friday, with his own letter, saying he has no intention of doing any such thing.

You can find that bad boy, right smack here.

This could get interesting on a number of levels. Moncier is not afraid to sue. He probably holds the Death Star record. Kuhlman is a public figure, so it would be hard for her to win. But, it’s also interesting on the level of what role a blogger plays, the freedom of speech thing, the whatever. 

Hornback also can be a polarizing figure in the local political circles, so – no matter what people say – my suspicion is that a lot of folks will watch this closely, particularly if it goes further.

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Unknown said...

Sources are sources, the individuals that overheard the statements still stand behind what they heard. I suspect had I revealed the identity of sources all would be happy.