Friday, April 25, 2014

A look at teacher salary increases

Since, there’s so much misinformation (from both sides) regarding the proposed teacher raises, I figure I’d do my public service and provide folks with the accurate breakdown.

A little background: The school system wants to give teachers (and some others) a 2.5 percent raise. The school people, though, want the county to pay for a majority of it (which isn’t going to happen).

So, the school system is ready to put up $1.67 million to cover a .7 percent raise.

The school system is then asking the county to pay for a 1.8 percent increase. That will cost $4.55 million.

Total cost: $6.2 million.

There’s been some question about who will get the raises. Will it all go to “real classroom” teachers?

No, it won’t.

According to the good Melissa Ogden, of the combined $6.2 million in raises:
  • Roughly 86 percent ($5.37 million) goes to teachers “and other school level personnel" (EXCLUDES principals, assistant principals, nurses, psychologists, social workers, central office personnel, assisted tech support, etc.).
  • “All other certified employees” will make up the other 14 percent of the cost ($885,250).
Now, in addition to the proposed 2.5 percent, the school system also is covering step raises, which can amount to a $400-$600 bump. That will cost $3.5 million.

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