Monday, April 28, 2014

Early voting wraps up this Thursday

Cliff Rodgers
The Knox County Election Commission just sent out a note, reminding folks that this is the last week of early voting for the May 6 primaries. 

Early voting wraps up May 1. There are 10 locations across the county and all except the City County Building location are open from:

11 am to 7 pm on Monday and Tuesday (Noon to 5 pm at the C/C Bldg.), and
·         9 am to 7 pm on  Wednesday and Thursday (Noon to 5 pm on Wednesday and noon to 7 pm on Thursday at the C/C Bldg.).

“Early voting is a flexible and convenient option for many voters,” said Administrator of Elections Cliff Rodgers. “Voters enjoy avoiding lines often present on Election Day.” 

Rodgers emphasized that, “it is especially critical for voters to consider voting early in this particular election since all Knox County schools will be open on May 6 (It's not an in-service day - students will be present) and parking will be scarce.

During school hours, parking will be scarce and—at times—virtually non-existent. “I am very concerned about folks with disabilities and our senior citizens not finding a place to park if they vote in a school,” Rogers said.

Moreover, at some schools, because of the lay-out of the school, voters will have to be “buzzed-in” by school security. If voters whose polling place is a school choose to wait until Election Day, then Rodgers suggested that they vote after schools have been dismissed.

A sample ballot, as well as a list of early voting locations, can be found on the election website, right here.  If you have any questions, call the election commission at 215-2480.

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